Michele Prandelli

CEO of Praber Group, he is certainly the soul and spirit of our business, but just behind his realist and concrete style, lies his actually far-sighted, clear and ambitious vision of the group management. He deeply loves his job but is at the same time aware that only daring and innovating we can refine the route and that success is not restricted to the achieved results, conversely it means the capability of correcting mistakes and filling gaps. He firmly believes that only through the courage of ideas today’s companies can overcome the dangers and the national and international challenges.

Education and training in electronics and electrotechnology through a highly specializing path, joined to extensive experience achieved on site, provide the aforesaid manager mastery and knowledge of his own professional context.

Within the company, he is a valid reference point, who always prefers the path of dialogue and delegation of functions, believing that it is only and ever the whole team to win. He mainly covers the role of sales director of the company and at the same time he deals with the financial strategy of the entire group.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Charles Darwin

Giuliano Bertolotti

Founding partner of Praber Group, he is the real “mechanical mind” of Praber Group, we owe him the most ingenious design solutions and always enhancing the company products. Featuring almost maniacal precision, for him the perfect mechanical movement is like the sound of a symphony: all notes have positions and very precise times, only in this way you can achieve a perfect music. Such metaphor is not assumptive at all, he likes conducting the orchestra of mechanical parts from the inside, in their infinitely minute movements.

Education and training in mechanics, and mechanics applied to industrial processes through a path that he wanted to start from the basics so as to subsequently steadily strengthen the strict matching of theory and practice.

Within the company he likes performing in a concrete way, because he believes that the example is the only way for good teaching and fair discussions. He mainly deals with important supplies, supported by his deep scrupulous and precise attitude and equally under his supervision we find the whole design, innovation and “mechanical” organization.

“Alone we can do little. Together we can do much.”                                                                                                                           Helen Keller