Praber team will carry out the complete installation of the press and endow all the necessary provisions with regard to the area where it will be placed, will furthermore detail all interlocks necessary for the system. Praber Group will send a team, whose skills are different for each specific phase.

The installation phase is followed by SAT (i.e. Site Acceptance Test) that completes the FAT (i.e. Factory Acceptance Test) run at the premises of Praber before shipment.

The SAT provided by Praber is structured as follows:

  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Internal control of the panels, in particular pressure, ventilation and hydraulic circuits
  • Control of the machinery switching settings, such as charges, engines, levels, etc.
  • Control of mechanical movements and software, both individually and sequentially.
  • Verification and approval of all devices and safety interlocks
  • Operators training
  • User Manuals provision