Praber is an Italian manufacturer with exclusive brand of forging presses, screw presses and complete plants for metal hot forming (brass, steel and other metal alloys).

Withdrawal of used equipment is among the services offered by Praber Group to its new customers.
In this way today Praber Group with its Praber Service division puts on the market used and overhauled machinery. “Praber start-up formula” is the best manner to undertake a business or a contract, whose future is still uncertain, or whereas size of order does not justify the investment in working instruments.

Hence Praber Group with its “Praber start-up formula” responds properly to the market and its principles: small investment to achieve overhauled means of labor that are tested and rendered pursuant to current legislation, thus allowing the start of the work, meanwhile without increasing the company cash-flow.

Praber Start-up Formula:

  1. It is restrictive to call it simply “used equipment”!
    That is “Praber start-up formula”! Each overhauled used equipment is characterized by Praber Group know-how, experience and technique of presses and electrical panels manufacturers, ensuring the best approach to have an equipment checked and revamped in all its parts and functions.
    Not all what is withdrawn falls under the category “Start-up Praber” but only the machineries that can still be really useful for manufacture.
    Praber Group is a dealer of used equipment, but only sells machineries that represent opportunities for investment and good exploitation.
  2. Strictly checked.
    For each machine labelled “Praber start-up formula”, Praber qualified team performs a thorough inspection. Once it is determined that it may correspond to the expectations and standards of quality parameters, our personnel proceeds with the replacement of components with original spare parts or with Praber spare parts. By this formula you will always rely on an equipment ready to be put into production.
  3. Full assistance.
    “Praber start-up formula” equipment is compliant with the company’s terms of service to all effects, both for spare parts and for the on-site technical interventions, or where applicable, even remotely. The after-sales Praber team will give you the tranquility of choice, ensuring spare parts and assistance with no difference compared to new machinery.
  4. Customer Satisfaction.
    When you purchase a “Praber start-up formula” press our qualified team will deal with delivery and complete installation meanwhile aiming at your complete satisfaction, equally providing you with the training necessary for operators and users of the press.

Finally only thanks to “Praber start-up formula” you will benefit from “Bonus Pay-back” advantage, meaning that a special discount will be granted when purchasing a new machinery by Praber.

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