Praber Group is a young, dynamic and ambitious, but not inexperienced company. It has been present with its own brand for twenty years and now has earned the trust of several companies leading in their relevant fields. Praber Group means that: performing the craft that you know and for which you have lavished energy, capital and commitment. Trusting in it is the basis for any new initiatives, without ever losing the humility to know your gaps and to fill them through the appropriate resources and solutions.

The company motto is “Forging the future!”, Because it well encloses the mastery of craft combined with the ambition to keep carrying it out in the future, with the awareness that tomorrow can only be accessed with adaptive capacity, through flexibility and courage to dare.


Praber Group believes in honest work and considers real success, only the one arising from it.
uch principle is fully put into practice within our business, and anyone working, cooperating, or providing consulting service to the Group has to share this latter.

Compliance with the commitments, proper financial and management planning and not the least respect for all the resources that are part and are linked to the group are the founding criteria of Praber brand.

Profit must also take into account the social and sustainable aspect of the same, Praber Group firmly believes that compliance with the rules is an integral part of business. Hence the reliability required by Praber from all human resources also includes intrinsic aspects making the brand even more worthy and distinctive.