Spare parts.

Praber Group is a manufacturer with its own brand and original projects, it moreover boasts exclusive patents, then ensuring autonomously and independently direct access to spare parts, thus allowing a rapid supply of these latter. For tradable parts, Praber Group guarantees a minimum level in its warehouse, while if the Customer subscribes to “Praber Protect Plan”, any component is ready and kept for the relevant eventuality and available in “zero time”.


Service and maintenance.

All technical intervention are performed by qualified personnel and often by those who have actually worked on the manufacturing of the delivered press. Thanks to Praber Group you can opt for the traditional assistance or choose “Praber Protect Plan” or a routine scheduled maintenance service chart, then choosing the lower production periods or of order change, in order not to hamper the standard manifacturing. By this way you will receive the warranty relevant to the maintenance of the utmost efficiency, and thus guarantee cycle times and work quality constant over time.

Any Praber presses can be connected via the internet so you can take timely action through remote maintenance.