The purchasing experience in Praber Group is “Praber Formula” certified!

Every purchase is important and companies can not go wrong, no longer. Competition, marginal profitability, globalization and international economic markets require operators greater attention and care to any investment. It is therefore necessary to invest in suppliers that can guarantee the “Decisive Advantage”: the key of success in order to win in the market.

Praber Group designs and manufactures internally and entirely all presses and all sets of offered product.

It is not a trivial matter or to be taken for granted in this field. hat means only one thing: on the one hand, controlling and taking responsibility for the entire project, while on the other acquiring a solid know-how for every single minimum aspect of it. The engines and any other commercialized component mounted on the presses are only by the best producers and are guaranteed both by the manufacturer and by Praber as well.

Since the first commercial approach you will meet competent people who know the subject and who have always worked in the field thus acquiring specific knowledge and expertise to help you in your choice.

Our commercial offers are clear and are characterized in such a way that you will have the equipment required or the minimum necessary for the expected production at the best price, all upgrades or optional suggestions are plainly stated and described separately with any detail of the relevant advantages.

Purchasing a Praber press means investing in a young dynamic company always geared to the improvement of both the Manifacturing Process and the Product.

“Praber Formula” is:

1. Brand
2. Expertise
3. Technology
4. Warranty
5. After Sales
6. Servicing
7. Future